Vintage 1930s Czech Leather Gym Mat

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A wonderful vintage 1930s gym mat which originates from the former Czechoslovakia. It is very heavy, made from thick leather, and stitched together around the outer edges. The natural leather mat has a mottled patina and still shows the small original white painted numbers - 14812. The mat can be carried using the two of the four handles on the top of each side. It's heavy and does require two strong people to carry it. There are a lot of signs of wear and tear particularly to the stitching which I've illustrated in the images but I think these add to it's character. One leather handle has been replaced with a cloth handle in the past. The mat is perfect for an industrial space perhaps as an alternative bed headboard. The handles can be threaded through a wooden pole supported on two brackets behind a bed. Rare to find and difficult to source but I lucked out.

Dimensions: Depth: 150mm; Width: 1780mm; Height: 1000mm

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