Set of 6 Model 82 Teak Ladder Back Dining Chairs by Niels O. Moller

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A wonderful set of 6 Danish vintage Model 82 Teak dining chairs which are the taller five-rung ladder back version designed by Niels O. Møller for J.L. Møllers.  The Model 82 chairs are one of the rarer designs, most elegant and well crafted/designed and ergonomically comfortable. The chairs have been recovered in black leather.  Designed by Niels Moller for J. L. Moller, 1971

The chairs are in neither shop at the moment. Please call to arrange an appt to view them.  I've included some images before they were recovered as well.

Dimensions: D: 51 cm W: 50 cm: H: 94 cm SH: 44 cm


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