1950s Sofono Spacemaster Electric Convector Heater

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Sofono Spacemaster convector/reflector heaters were produced by the Sofono Electrical Division of Federated Foundries Ltd, Falkirk, Scotland, UK in the mid-20th century. Their distinctive appearance, often referred to as "atomic", "flying-saucer" or "sputnik", has ensured their popularity amongst retro style enthusiasts.

The Spacemaster range was designed by Ralph Cameron Ormiston (1921-2000) who is also noted for designing the Carron "Cordon Bleu" cooker, a forerunner of the modern range cooker.[1] The design of the Spacemaster range reflects the contemporary interest in space following the successful launching of Sputnik 1 in 1957.

In full working order but I'd recommend using it for decoration purposes only. Some signs of wear and tear commensurate with its age and use. A fun piece for retro enthusiasts. I've cleaned it up to a point but it can be polished further if required.

Dimensions: Depth: 200mm; Width: 650mm; Height: 680mm

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