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1940s Industrial Steel Tanker Desk

1940s Industrial Steel Tanker Desk

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1940s steel tanker desk in its original military olive green with a black rubberised desk top. The desk was originally designed to be fire proof. There are three drawers on either side with a pull out hanging document drawer at the bottom. A slim single pull out shelf sits above the drawers between the desk top. A single pull-out drawer sits above the seat well. The desk sits on two long metal feet. One on each side. Original chrome pull-handles feature on each drawer and a chrome pull knob on each shelf drawer.

The desk is in pretty good shape considering its past use but does have some scratches, small chips to the rubber, a little paint drop (which can easily be removed), small dents but none of them are major to detract from the piece and these are all reflected in the price. Sadly the keys are missing. The images illustrate these issues. The desk is on display at The Old Cinema in Chiswick.

Dimensions: Depth: 870mm; Width: 1460mm; Height: 770mm