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Oil Painting "in the style of" Max Ernst. Signed Max Ernst Pour Juliette 1926

SOLD Please find it for me!

An interesting oil painting signed Max Ernst - Pour Juliette 1926. Max Ernst in 1926 was designing a set for Romeo and Juliet for the Ballets Russes. Having checked with Christies this is their professional opinion of the painting:

"It is difficult to attribute it to the hand of Max Ernst. The execution is really rough and looks more like something in ‘the style of’ or after him. FYI Juliet was the wife of his close friend Man Ray, they were married in a double wedding. It is more likely to be her in the dedication, but we think this, like the signature is not by him"

Sadly it seems it's not by him otherwise it would be worth a great deal more but it's still a beautiful abstract painting with vivid colours including orange, green, red and blue.

Dimensions: Depth: 50mm; Width: 670mm; Height: 825mm

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