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Gunnar Nylund pottery for Rörstrand

Gunnar Nylund pottery for Rörstrand

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Gunnar Nylund pottery vases and bowl made by Rörstrand Pottery, Sweden in the 1950's. Each piece is made with a coloured matt glaze - light and dark browns and dark green.

Gunnar Nylund (1904-1989) was educated as an architect and potter. In 1929 he established Nylund-Krebs, Denmark together with Natalie Krebs. He then moved to Sweden, where he worked for Rörstrand as their Creative Director (1931-1958). He also worked for the Danish pottery Nymølle Keramiske Fabrik.

Stamped: "R" for Rörstrand, "Sweden", "GN" for Gunnar Nylund and the model: "ASG"

Dimensions: Depth: 0mm; Width: 0mm; Height: 0mm