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Love Is Blue 2017 - Sculpted Paper on a Wood Panel by Alberto Fusco

Love Is Blue 2017 - Sculpted Paper on a Wood Panel by Alberto Fusco



Love Is Blue 2017 Sculpted Paper on a wood panel. An original, unique and one-off piece. Signed and authenticated by the artist on the reverse.

Alberto Fusco is a London based Italian artist, professional, internationally sold and UK exhibited mixed media artist. Born in Naples, Italy, he moved to London in 1994 to further his art studies and career. Firstly he enrolled on a foundation course in Fine Art and subsequently a B.A in Art for the Community, which he successfully completed with the specialisation in the art of mosaics.

At present, using recycled magazines that would otherwise be thrown away to give life to artworks is central to his practice.

Working from his South London studio as a full-time, professional artist, all his artworks are made up by folded and manipulated paper and transformed into textural geometrical forms, which ultimately developed into sculptural pieces in their own right.

Each artwork is treated with an UV light medium that stops the colours from fading. A final coat of varnish seal the surface of each artworks to keep the dust, dirt, moisture and pollution out.

On Display at The Old Cinema in Chiswick.

Dimensions: Depth: 120mm; Width: 770mm; Height: 770mm