1950s Louis Kalff Wall Lights for Philips

Pair of almost identical 1950s Louis Kalff wall lights for Philips with opaque glass shades. The lights are complete with all plastic rings and caps. Unfortunately one on the lights has been broken however this can be hidden quite easily by facing it against the wall. The shades are slightly different with one having a hole in the top whilst the other doesn't and one is slightly larger. The lights are very competitively priced to take these differences into account.

Louis Kalff worked as a Graphic Designer, Industrial Designer, Advertising Art Director and Architect. He worked for Philips designing lamps, radios and the first bakelite speaker.

Height 33cms from the base of the holder to the top of the glass. Glass is 30cms high. Width of holder is 13cms.

Dimensions: Depth: 110mm; Width: 110mm; Height: 330mm

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