1960's Danish Magnus Olsen for Durup Reversible Coffee Table

1960's Danish Magnus Olesen for Durup reversible top coffee table in solid teak with beautiful wood grain. One side of the table has a fun and unique feature that certainly makes the table stand out from the crowd. In two opposite corners there is a single black stained circle with diameters of 9cms and 15cms. These functional circles allow you to place hot cups on the surface without having to worry about leaving ring-marks but also add a point of interest which helps to differentiate this table from others. Alternatively, flip the table-top over to reveal a teak surface without any features whichever suits your preference. The table has been restored and is in very good condition. However, there are stained black lines to the outside edge of the table on the spotted side where the table top has sat on the frame over its 50+ years of existence. It just adds to its character and shows it's had a life in my opinion.

Dimensions: Depth: 590mm; Width: 670mm; Height: 460mm

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