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1960's Nagel BMF Chrome Modular Candle Holders

1960's Nagel BMF Chrome Modular Candle Holders

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Stackable modular candle holders, designed by Ceasar Stoffi and Fritz Nagel in the 1960's. Manufactured by BMF (Bayerische Metallwaren Fabrik). The candle holders interlock and can be arranged in any configuration which you care to construct whatever your preference. Of course, the more you have the more complicated you're able to make the design symmetrically or not. You're able to construct your own unique sculpture with them and change them as and when you wish. Such fun!

Each individual module consists of one triangular, stackable module with space to hold 3 small tapered candles. Style number 9151.

Dimensions: Depth: 100mm; Width: 110mm; Height: 65mm


Materials & Techniques: Chrome