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1960s Fairground Carousel Speedway Bike

1960s Fairground Carousel Speedway Bike

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A slice of our youth (for some) from this 1960s Fairground Carousel Speedway Bike. The bike is constructed from wood, metal, fabric and rubber illustrating the amount of work that went into building fairground rides of the past. It's had a hard life with plenty of wear and tear but it still looks great as you can see from the images. Sadly the fabric from the seat is missing but the foam underneath is still in tact. It's up to you what you do with it but personally I'd leave it how it is. Perfect for display for your home, the games room or even for the kids room although I would not recommend it to play on. The bike stands on its original feet and leans to the left hand side.

Dimensions: Depth: 430mm; Width: 1140mm; Height: 820mm