1960s Italian Murano Grey Glass Geometric Vase

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1960s vintage Italian Murano grey faceted "sommerso" geometric glass vase.  Attributed to Mandruzzato.  A beautiful piece especially when the light shines through as there are subtle variations in the shades of grey throughout the glass.  The vase has been cut into a number of facets, which creates a sparkling effect when light hits it. This was a popular design feature in Murano glass during the 1960s.  The vase has a simple geometric shape, which is also typical of Murano glass from this period.

Sommerso is a technique which involves layering different colours of glass on top of each other and then fusing them together. This creates a depth of color and a swirling effect that is often seen in Murano glass. 

In good vintage condition with some tiny flea bites around the inside rim of the neck.

Dimensions: Depth: 4cm Width: 4cm Height: 20cm

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