Raoul Dufy (1877-1953) (after) La Fée Electricité Posters

"La Fée Electricité" is a monumental mural by the French artist Raoul Dufy, originally created for the 1937 Paris International Exposition. This vast work, spanning an impressive 60 meters in width, celebrates the history and advancements in electricity. The mural features over 110 figures from the history of electricity, blending technical achievement with artistic expression in Dufy's distinctive, vibrant and airy style.

Under Dufy's direction, Charles Sorlier, a renowned lithographer, created a series of ten lithographs based on "La Fée Electricité." These lithographs were intended to capture the essence and grandeur of the original mural in a more accessible form. Published in an edition of 385 numbered sets, these lithographs allowed a broader audience to appreciate Dufy's artistic celebration of electrical power, making a significant piece of art history available to collectors and art enthusiasts.

These pieces feature six posters of sections of the painting that have been divided into two separate frames, with three posters in eac

Dimensions: Frame x 2: Width: 185cm Height: 103cm Depth: 3cm 6 x Posters 3 in each frame measure: 60cm x 100cm

The gold painted wooden frames do show some wear in places and the corners are slightly coming apart.  The poster is faded in places compared to the original painting and there are one or two scuffs.  The posters have had a wash over them at some point but are still very beautiful.

On display at Alfie's Antique Market on Church Street, Marylebone.

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