1960s Japanese Hand-Painted Kokeshi Doll

Originated in north-eastern Japan, Japanese hand-painted Kokeshi dolls, date from the early 20th century.  Each one is hand-carved and uniquely decorated making every one different from another.  Originally intended to be given as a token gift to show love and friendship but were also bought as souvenirs and presents for visitors of the hot springs of the region Togatta in Zao.  The dolls are known by their simple smooth trunks which lack arms or legs and stand on a flat base. The dolls come in lots of different sizes, designs, ages and sexes but all feature the disproportionately large heads which sometimes are fixed or can wobble.

The dolls can be bought individually but as a group on display they look particularly striking.

Signed on the bottom.  In very good vintage condition.  A more recent version of the Kokeshi.

H: 37cm W: 10cm

Reference Kokeshi No 19

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