Small 1970s Italian Murano Blue Sommerso Glass Vase

A very unusual and Murano blue and turquoise glass vase. The original round foil sticker is visible on one side marked: Murano Made In Italy. A beautiful decorative piece perfect for a glass display case or shelf where the light can shine through it to emphasise the beautiful and almost luminous two-tone coloured glass. The vase is made in the Sommerso (submerged) style with darker royal blue glass submerged inside lighter turquoise clear glass.  A tiny flea bite which is only noticeable to the touch can be felt along one side of the base.  A small 1 cm scrape which I've just noticed whilst photographing the piece runs along one side. The base does not have a single scratch which is unusual.

Dimensions: Depth: 5cm Width: 5cm Height: 13.5cm

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