Art Deco 1930s French "Curacao" Flask by Robj Paris

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An Art Deco 1930s 'Coda Collection' anthropomorphic flask, container or decanter modelled as a Russian figure.  This  "Curacao" liqueur flask was manufactured by Robj (Jean BORN known as ROBJ (1921-1931)) in France. Made from polychrome enamelled porcelain with a cork stopper.

This is a wonderful and functional piece of a Russian soldier wearing a rust coloured long coat with fun black and white striped pockets. He has rosy cheeks and nose with a beard and very long moustache.  I think they're designed to bring some joy and fun into your life.

The flask is stamped on the base with the manufacturer's label - 'Robj Paris.  Made in France. The bottle stopper is cleverly made in the form of a hat which is difficult to spot when it's in place.

In good vintage condition.  There is a very feint scratch on the front of his coat which is barely noticeable.

Dimensions: Width: 8.5cm Depth: 8cm Height: 26cm

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