1950s Italian Murano Sommerso Art Glass Vase

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1950s Italian Murano art glass vase in beautiful colours of golden brown and yellow submerged in clear glass attributed to Archimede Seguso or Cristallo Venezia CCC. The three clear glass fins fan from the main body of the vase which is a darker brown towards the bottom becoming more golden towards the top.  The three 'maple leaf' formed fins at the top all feature a small indentation on the outside of the centre leaf.  A beautiful example of the sommerso techinque with the yellow colour surrounding the brown.  In very good condition.  There are lots of tiny air bubbles throughout the brown glass and one or two larger ones in the clear glass.

Sommerso is a technique which involves layering different colours of glass on top of each other and then fusing them together. This creates a depth of color and a swirling effect that is often seen in Murano glass. 

A beautiful decorative piece suitable for windowsills, sideboards and glass shelves especially where the light can shine through it.

Dimensions: Base Diameter: 6cm Overall Diameter: 14cm Height: 33cm

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