1960s German Friedrich Blue Lens Cut Crystal Vase

1960s German Friedrich Kristall lens cut crystal vase which is a beautiful example of mid-century modern design. The vase is made of dark blue almost black crystal glass and has a series of lens-shaped cuts that refract the light, creating a stunning visual effect. The vase is in very good condition with some small scratches on the base. 

Friedrich Kristall was a German glass company that was founded in 1878. The company was known for its high-quality crystal and its innovative designs. Friedrich Kristall vases were popular in the 1960s and 1970s, and they are still highly sought-after and still have a contemporary and unusual design.

The lens cut design of this vase is typical of Friedrich Kristall vases from the 1960s. The lens cuts are created by grinding the glass into a series of concave and convex shapes. This process is time-consuming and requires skilled craftsmanship. The result is a vase that is both beautiful and unique.  The lenses are evenly matted, the edges are precise and without chips or scratches.

The vase would look particularly good on a glass illuminated shelf with the light shining through.

Dimensions: Height. 19cm Base Diameter 5cm Rim Diameter: 6.5cm

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