1970s Sompex Nylon Thread and Perspex Pendant Lamp

1970s German space age nylon, perspex and chrome 'fishing line' pendant, hanging, ceiling light. Manufactured by Sompex and designed by French designer Paul Secon. The light is very cleverly constructed with a perspex frame with nylon threads strung across it, creating a web-like effect. The light from the bulb inside is diffused through the nylon threads and perspex frame, creating a soft and even glow. The light has seven perspex curved spokes which slot into a circular frame at the top and bottom with the bulb sitting inside.  

The lamp is a classic example of Space Age design, with its clean lines and futuristic materials. It is also a testament to Secon's skill as a designer, as he was able to create a lamp that is both functional and visually appealing.

Secon was a French designer who worked for Sompex, a German lighting company, in the 1960s and 1970s. He designed a range of lamps for Sompex, including the nylon and perspex ceiling lamp pictured here. Secon's lamps are known for their innovative designs and use of new materials.

The nylon and Perspex ceiling lamp is a popular choice for collectors of Space Age design. It is also a popular choice for interior designers, as it can add a touch of retro style to any room.

The light requires a single E27 screw-in bulb and the height is adjustable based on your requirements.  A matching chrome ceiling cup hides the wires where it connects to the ceiling.  In very good vintage condition with no chips or cracks to the perspex.  Rewired and in full working order.

Total Adjustable Height: 183cm Height of shade only: 29cm Diameter: 45cm

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