Peter Blake "Idol Progress 1" Lightbox Lenticular

4) Idol Progress 1 and 2

Idol Progress 1 and 2 are a humorous take on 2 Peter Blake artworks from the 1960's.

Blake stole or found symbols and icons from different eras and made a pop art collage from them. Andrews has taken these images and updated them to those symbols and icons as we might understand them today.

If one looks at each flip image they go from Blake's idea to Andrews's idea, which creates a humorous discourse with the viewer about symbology and iconography and how personal they really are.

55cm square white-framed illuminated lightbox lenticular transparency.

© Matthew Andrews, MA RCA.

Limited Edition of 10. Signed, dated, numbered by artist.

Made to order, 3 weeks lead time.

Collection from 7a Church Street, NW8 8EE. Delivery Options available.

Lightbox Dimensions: 55cm square. D: 7cm 

Lenticular Dimensions: 50cm square

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