Twilight of the Empire Lenticular by Matthew Andrews

A rare and clever use of photography by lenticular artist Matthew Andrews. Note from the artist: The concept behind the picture is when the Queen came to power in 1954 the UK still had an Empire albeit reducing. The British Monarch had replaced all the "chiefs or rulers or kings" of the Empire countries with only one, itself. Ever since the Queen came to power she has been loosing her grip and the "chiefs" are re-emerging and taking back their power and the British Monarchy is being reduced to an insignificant bit player on the world stage. Therefore, this picture is a snapshot in time of the state of the "empire" as of now. The face of the Monarch is made of Her, Charles and William, in order, to represent the lineage and its reducing influence.

Dimensions: Depth: 50mm; Width: 900mm; Height: 900mm

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