Vintage Resin Ballerina En Pointe Figurine Botero Style

A fun decorative figurine of a dancing full-figured ballerina standing in her ballet shoes en pointe in position V and pirouetting. I have been unable to exactly identify its provenance but it dates to late 1960s/70s to Sweden. The ballerina stands on a circular wooden plinth base and is made from synthetic custom molded resin. Hand-painted and wearing a white leotard with a hairband holding back her thick curly hair with fun pursed lips.  Her eye makeup is particular striking and fun highlighting her blue eyes.  She looks as though she's practicing in a ballet class for a future performance.  In good vintage condition with some wear to be wooden base.

The resin is a little uneven in places but this looks as though it occurred during the making of the piece because there is no colour difference which you would expect if it was a repair. I only noticed it when I was photographing it up close.  There are some small chips in places which are illustrated in the images.

Similar in style to Beryl Cook or Fernando Botero artwork

I also have another two featured on the Retro Living website. This version has a different more pink flesh tone whilst the other two are paler.  I am guessing that they're all of the same ballerina.

Dimensions: Base Diameter: 19.5cm Height: 43cm 

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