1960s German Sölken Leuchten Arc Floor Lamp

1960s German space-age, adjustable, chrome arc floor lamp manufactured by Sölken Leuchten. The height is adjustable and held in place by a large feature chrome screw knob which slides up and down the lower metal support section.  The sliding arm is held in place when tightened at your height requirement.  However, on this floor lamp it's slipping and doesn't always stay in place but it does stay at the highest and lowest points.  The original taupe acrylic shade with a chrome bar across it to help adjust its direction sheds a wonderful diffused light making it perfect for when you require additional light in a specific place or on a book when you're reading.  A single E27 screw in bulb is required which is fitted in the centre of the shade.  A switch fitted on the very long white flex turns the light on and off.  Rewired by a professional electrician and in full working order. 

The original maker's label is on the metalwork holding the bulb socket inside the acrylic shade.

In good vintage condition.  The chrome has been polished and does not have any rusting or pitting but there are some scratches where the sliding chrome bar has scratched the supporting one.  There are some small chips to the paintwork on the white section on the base and the white plastic has aged and gone a little yellow in the sun over the last 60 years.  The chrome base is heavily pitted and scratched but as this is generally hidden behind a sofa or under something it's not too noticeable.  The shade is in very good condition and is one of their more unusual space age designs.  The brushed-chrome feature ring around the shade is not flush with the acrylic shade but it may never have been.

Perfect for most rooms of then home.

Dimensions: Base diameter: 31cm Lowest Height: 150 cm Highest Height:190 cm 

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