1970s German Illuminated Textured Ice Block Lucite Framed Mirrors

Oval illuminated wall mirrors formed from a lucite/ acrylic glass 'ice' frame. The mirror hooks into a white metal frame which holds the bulbs and easily screws to the wall. To change the bulbs the mirror and frame is easily lifted up to gain access. The mirrors would be perfect for a hallway or above a mantelpiece which I have put them in the past. One still features the original label. Please note: The mirrors are identical in shape and design but the lucite is darker on one than the other which may not be the look you're after especially if they're hung side by side. This situation is quite often the case with vintage lucite mirrors as it depends on where they've been hung in the past. Smokey homes or sunlight can effect the lucite over a long period of time.

Dimensions: Depth: 110mm; Width: 540mm; Height: 750mm

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