1930s Art Deco Bimini Glass Snake Vase

1930s Art Deco Bimini Glass lampworked bud vase in the form of a snake. The snake was most likely to have been made by either Bimini of Austria, or one of the factories from the town Lauscha, Germany, where very similar work was produced. The snake is made from paper-thin clear glass with swirled fine lime green stripes running through it with two eyes and an open mouth.  The curved tail keeps the vase upright.  A small thin flower could be placed in it but I wouldn't just in case it toppled over.

Bimini Glass was set up in Vienna in 1923 by Fritz Lampl together with his brothers-in-law Artur and Josef Berger, who were architects. Bimini made very fine pieces in a style sometimes mistaken for 1950s Murano glass, with filigree opaque swirling stripes, little figures and animals.

Dimensions: Diameter: 6cm Height: 15.5cm

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