Italian Acrylic Award - Carlo Fuscagni"

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A rather unusual item for sale which is a solid rectangular acrylic award with a floating gold globe set within it awarded to Italian journalist Carlo Fuscagni.  A frosted/iced wave or trail appears on two sides below the gold globe similar to the trail on a shooting star.   I haven't been able to source what the award was for exactly and it's not stated on it either.  The award states "Premio Nazionale I Numero Uno Carlo Fuscagni" which means "National Award Number One Carlo Fuscagni".  Very heavy being solid acrylic.

The acrylic bears a number of scratches and the frosted wave has spread to other areas of the award.  An interesting piece that would look perfect on a glass shelf especially with the light shining through it.  The gold globe really shines bright.

Carlo Fuscagni (7th Jan 1933 - 28 Dec 2022) Italian Journalist

Dimensions: Width: 9cm Depth: 9cm Height: 22.5cm

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