Circa 1900 French Clément Massier Art Nouveau Jug

Circa 19th century French Art Nouveau ceramic earthenware jug or vase by Clément Massier. The vase features a wonderful glaze with a trickle down effect of white and turquoise over an ox blood base.  The wonderful angled handled sits on one side of the jug with the spout at the other.  Unsigned on the base.  In very good antique condition. 

Dimensions: Base Diameter: 8cm Body Diameter: 20cm Height: 20cm

Massier Family History
The Massier family, a dynasty of potters dating back to before the French Revolution and played a key role in the revival of pottery in Vallauris. Clément Massier is regarded as the founder in the early twentieth century of the modern ceramics industry in Vallauris.

With a natural creativity, Clément Massier (1844 Vallauris - Golfe-Juan 1917) first worked with his father Jacques (1801-1871) in 1856 . He was introduced to pottery by Gaetano Gandolfi, an Italian master-potter hired by his father. Gandolfi was the inispiration behind several techniques, including iridescent luster glazed pottery, which was to make the reputation of the house Massier.

 Subsequently, production turned from utilitarian pottery in favor of exclusively artistic creations. Massier - the three companies, led by the brothers Clément and Delphin and cousin Jérôme, soon formed the core of the producers of Vallauris.

The desire to master new artistic techniques pushed Clément into experimenting with metallic glazes.His turquoise metallic luster earned him a gold medalin the Universal Exhibition of 1889.

Cédric Massier is the latest and sole practitioner of the family art in Vallauris. He still uses the lustre glazes and his pieces are contemporary - stretching further the bounderies of ceramic sculpture.

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