Set of 3 1980s Kräsen Ikea Candle Holders

An unusual set of 3 vintage Ikea 1980s Kräsen candle holders designed by Ehlén Johansson. The three candle holders form an abstract Picassoesque face with an eye, nose and corkscrew mouth.  Each one is constructed with a brass candle holder and wax circular catchment tray at the top which screw onto the formed iron wire rod below which makes cleaning them very easy indeed.  The iron rod is fixed into a square granite base from Älmhult (Ikea's hometown) in Sweden. These candle holders are part of the experimental "Tomorrow Collection" produced by Ehlen Johansson for Ikea in the late eighties/early nineties. In very good vintage condition with some wear and slight signs of rust patina to the iron.  The candle holders are designed reminiscent of the Memphis style.  A wonderful addition to a dining or coffee table to add some interest and fun.  A simple but clever design.

Dimensions: H: Tall: 31cm Medium : 34 Small : 38 D: 5.5cm W: 5.5cm


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