1950s Art Deco Chrome & Glass Saturn Ring Chandelier

A stunning one-off 1950s British Art Deco chandelier with a clear and etched glass Saturn ring. The chandelier is constructed from a combination of vintage and specially designed unique components such as the Saturn glass ring which has been recently replaced with a toughened glass version similar to the original.  The chandelier is designed to create a space-age, futuristic look which gives the impression of a hovering spaceship surrounded by an illuminated glass circle representing the rings of Saturn.  The chrome dome has a number of perspex circles which also allows the light to shine through.  The polished chrome supporting circular dish holds the three small bayonet bulbs placed to disperse the light equally.  Three silver-plated rods supported by a chain connect the shade to the ceiling and can be shortened if necessary.  

The glass section can be removed for transportation purposes and then reattached upon receipt.  An interesting and large chandelier which will add that "wow factor" to most rooms of the home.

Dimensions: Height: 90cm Diameter: 80cm

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