1970s German Circular Illuminated Resin Framed Wall Mirror

A striking 1970s German, illuminated, circular wall mirror, which is set within a back-lit textured resin off-white frame. The lightbulbs can be turned on and off via a pull cord based at the bottom of the mirror. There are two settings to have all of the bulbs illuminated or just half of them depending on your requirements which is illustrated in the images. The mirror is fixed to the wall via a removable metal frame which also allows you to adjust the angle required from the wall. The mirror requires 10 E14 screw in pygmy light bulbs. I would recommend LEDs. I would recommend hard-wiring the mirror into the wall to avoid any leads trailing from the bottom to a socket. In very good vintage condition

Back of mirror diameter: 73 cms
Front of mirror diameter 67cms
Mirror diameter: 52cms

Dimensions: Depth: 110mm; Width: 730mm; Height: 730mm

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