1950s Italian Murano Glass Decorative Bowl

1950s Italian Murano decorative centre-piece handblown glass bowl. The oval-shaped bowl features a smooth and glossy centrifugal design with four concentric circles of clear glass around the outside and shades of plum, golden-brown and dark brown glass with a clear glass small circle at the bottom. 

The colours are beautifully rich and vibrant, and the pattern is both eye-catching and elegant.  The colours complement each other perfectly.

Murano glass is a type of glass that is made on the island of Murano, Italy. It is known for its high quality and its unique designs. 

The bowl is in very good condition with one small scratch on the clear glass section and scratches to the base commensurate with its age and use.  There is one air bubble illustrated in one image.

Personally I wouldn't put anything in it that would hide the colours and design but that's down to you and your preferences/requirements.  It would look amazing on a shelving unit or as a centrepiece on a dining table especially well lit or where the sun can shine through it.

The bowl is unsigned or marked.

Dimensions: W: 38cm D: 23cm H: 11cm 

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