1910 Arts & Crafts Screen att: Richard Riemerschmid

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An intricately designed, and well-made, Arts & Crafts iron screen, attributed to and almost certainly designed by Richard Riemerschmid (1868-1957) in Germany. Circa 1910.  The iron screen has a one large rectangular panel with two smaller stabilising flaps on either side.  An arched insert has been cut out with pieces of metal suspended from within with concave circles embossed into each one.  All of which are strung together with feature metal clips.  The two outer flaps have a single panel of embossed circles suspended within.  The screen sits on four conical flat feet.  It's an incredibly beautiful piece designed to fulfill a purpose but can be purely decorative.  In very good condition with some small paint marks which can be removed but I've left.  The flaps fold into the mail panel making it easy to transport at 50cm wide but it is heavy at around 50kg.

Dimensions: H: 118.5 D: 1/2 cm Width of Main Panel: 50cm Width of flaps: 25cm


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