Circa 1935 Hanau Bauhaus Table Lamp

An original Circa 1935 German Bauhaus light therapy workshop industrial lamp in jade-green lacquered steel. The circular base which still retains the original maker's label supports a sphere which opens to reveal a mirror in the lower half part and a lamp in the upper. The original push button on/off switch is present on the upper section of lower mirrored sphere.  I have removed the heating element and also altered where the wire exits the sphere so instead of having a retractable cord wire exiting from a hole in the sphere's mirrored base it now exits from the back making it a lot more user friendly.  The original green plastic knob on the front of the opening upper sphere allows it to be easily opened and closed.

Manufactured and stamped "Klein Hohensonne S100 Original Hanau" confirming it's the Klein Höhensonne model S100" original Hanau. 

The lamp is in pretty good vintage condition considering its age with some small barely noticeable scratches to the hood of the upper sphere; the mirror has some spotting and a haze to the reflection; the base around the edges has some chips to the green base which are not rusted but remarkably no dents.  An amazing piece and all of the age related defects just add to its character.

Rewired by a professional electrician and in full working order.  

Dimensions: Height when open fully: 52cm Height when sphere is closed: 29cm Base diameter: 28cm Ball diameter: 24cm Adjustable height: 27 cm to 52 cm 

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