Concorde by Douglas Ettridge (1929-2009) Oil on Canvas Circa 1976

Reknowned English aviation artist, Douglas Ettridge, (1929- 2009) is probably better known in the United States where his work is held in many prestigious museums and private collections. Concorde, was one of his favourite aircrafts, he flew on its final commercial flight, and is known to have painted several images of it throughout his life; including one for his farewell show in 2006.
Paintings of the iconic Concorde, by this artist, rarely come on the open market most being held in important museums or private collections. Museums who own his work include; San Diego Aerospace Museum, Museum of Flight, Seattle, American Hall of Aviation History, R A F Museum, Hendon.
Airlines and private collectors have including American Airlines, Qantas, Pan Am, Frank Sinatra, John Travolta, Danny Kaye and the American aviator Clay Lacy.
A rare, classic and important early image of Concorde in a thoroughly unmistakable English setting; a carefully crafted masterpiece of composition showing a cloudy sky-scape, with Windsor Castle and the River Thames in the background. A great, eye catching, large scale, collectors piece, offered in excellent condition in original frame.
Dimensions: Frame only: W:109.5cm H: 63.5cm D: 5.5cm Painting only: W: 90cm H: 44cm

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