Large 1960's original enamel advertising sign for St. Raphael Aperitief

An original 1960's metal and metallic French St. Raphael Aperitief advertising sign in pale yellow, red and white. there are some small rust spots commensurate with its age which you'd expect buut also add to its authenticity.

Some information from the ST RAPHA�L webiste about the brand.
The history of ST RAPHA�L dates back to 1830. French Doctor Juppet was working to develop a quinine-based aperitif. After working endlessly late into the night, his sight began to fall......He then remembered the Biblical epitaph where the archangel Rapha�l cured Tobias of his blindness. Anxious to regain his sight, he pursued his efforts and placed his new elixir under the holy invocation of the archangel. He thereby recovered his sight and managed to finish the recipe of ST RAPHA�L.

Dimensions: Depth: 300mm; Width: 1500mm; Height: 800mm

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