Set of 6 1960s Aluminium Portuguese Kitchen Storage Canisters

Set of 6 decorative and functional Portuguese kitchen storage jars for both modern and rustic style kitchens to add an air of vintage times past, interest and fun. The canisters are very useful and not only can they be used for decoration but to store other items/objects not necessarily stated on the outside of the canister.  

The canisters are made from aluminium & brass and have been used for their functional purpose in the past which means they have managed to obtain quite a few dents, scratches and wear along the way which I think adds to their provenance and character.  I have washed them but I would recommend a good scrub until you're happy if you're going to put food stuff in them directly. Also because they're aluminium they're very light and easy to grab from a shelf. The lids fit perfectly but have been dinked on the sides and tops along the way which all adds to their beauty I feel.

The canister and the lid is decorated with small rings of dots and dashes.  The original manufacturer's label is engraved/stamped onto each canister in Portuguese (see images) - Alumio Ambique SARL meaning Aluminium Unique with a number which is the diameter of the canister.  In order of size the following different ingredients are on each canisters embossed onto a brass label with wonderful patination:

Diameter: 20cm Height: 28cm - Arroz - Rice 

Diameter: 16cm Height: 23cm - Farinha - Flour

Diameter: 14cm Height: 21cm - Feijão - Beans

Diameter: 12cm Height: 20cm - Grão - Grain

Diameter: 12cm Height: 18cm - Açúcar - Sugar

Diameter: 10cm Height: 16cm - Café - Coffee


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